Bisi had wished it was her mind playing tricks on her again but this time she wasn’t hallucinating. Bisi knew exactly what was going on in her mother’s bedroom. So she asked her mother calmly ‘How long has this been going on?’ (Mumbling) Her mother replied ‘Please, do…not say anything to your father. I beg…you my child.’ Bisi was even more pissed at her mum’s statement. ‘Dad doesn’t deserve this. So I ask again how long have you been cheating on him mum?!’ Bisi asked angrily. (Broke into tears) ‘Two years now!’ her mother replied sobbing. ‘You disgust me mother!’ Bisi said walking out of the room.

‘Bisi! Bisi! Bisi!’ her mother shouted trying to call her back. Bisi ignored her mother’s call and walked out of the room. All these while, Uncle Dele was still on the spot where he was seen by Bisi without a word. He was even more ashamed of himself. Uncle Dele is a younger brother to Bisi’s dad. Bisi always had a lot of respect for Uncle Dele until now. He thought to himself ‘How do I face this shame I’ve brought upon myself?’ Uncle Dele asked in his thoughts. ‘I think you should leave at this point.’ Bisi’s mum said. ‘Alright, please try to talk to her. She’s a kid I’m sure you can convince her.’ Uncle Dele said as he put on his clothes and left the room hurriedly.

Bisi went into her room and locked herself up crying bitterly. The secrets kept compounding in heart. ‘I can’t keep hiding secrets all my life. I’m just so tired of always being caught in the middle.’ Bisi said sobbing. ‘Knock, Knock.’ a knock on the door. It was Bisi’s mum. She had come to speak to her daughter. ‘Go away! I don’t want to see you!’ Bisi shouted from the inside. ‘Please let me in Olabisi. Give me a chance to explain I beg you.’ Her mother pleaded. Then Bisi reluctantly opens the door and walks back to her bed. ‘I know how you me see right now and I can’t change that but I don’t want to lose your father. I know you don’t want that as well. Please, save our home.’ Bisi’s mother said calmly.

‘Then maybe you should have thought about that before you slept with Uncle Dele. He is Dad’s brother for crying out loud!’ Bisi said angrily. (Sobbing) ‘You don’t know what it feels like to be alone every night. Your dad is never home. It’s either he’s in Abuja today and the next day he’s in London. He’s always on a business trip…’ Bisi’s mother said trying to justify herself. Then Bisi answered ‘Those trips is the only reason we’re not on the streets!’ as she stood up from her bed. ‘Maybe one day, you’ll get to understand me when you become a woman Olabisi.’ Bisi’s mum said. ‘I’m never going to be a cheat. Mum I’m going to have to ask you to leave my room. Please, leave.’ Bisi said politely as her mum walked out the door with her head down.

Back at Deji’s house, his uncle who raised Deji to be a brute questioned Deji’s actions about the previous night in the living room. ‘Where were you last night Deji?’ Deji’s uncle asked in a loud tone. ‘You have no right to ask me that uncle. You are not my father!’ Deji yelled at his uncle. ‘Well, maybe I’m not your father but I sure did raise you better than your drunk father did or your psychotic mother ever did.’ Deji’s uncle said chuckling. Deji had a rough childhood. His father died from excess alcohol when he was 7. His mother suffered a mental disorder and was taken to a psychiatric home three months after her husband’s death. Since then, his violent uncle have been taking care of him. Deji never liked his harsh treatments.

(Angrily) Deji said ‘You never talk about my parents like that again!’ to his uncle. (Holding Deji’s ear) His uncle who was a limper due to a fractured knee he suffered in an accident stood up ‘Now you listen to me boy, I’m only doing my sister a favour here. If you ever speak to me in such a manner again, I’ll kill you and send you back to your dad in hell!’ Deji’s uncle said with a freaking smile on his face and let go of Deji’s ear. ‘I hate you! I hope you rot in hell!’ Deji yelled at his uncle walking out of the living room. (Dragging Deji’s hand back) ‘Poawh!’ Deji’s uncle slapped Deji in the face and yelled ‘You never walk out on me when I’m talking boy!’ (Deji holding his right cheek and a stern look on his face) ‘I can’t take this anymore. I’m leaving!’ Deji said going to pack his things.

Then Deji headed for his room to go get his things. (Sobbing) ‘I can’t take it anymore. I’d rather end up in the streets than keep living here.’ Deji kept saying that while packing his bags. ‘Crac!’ A gun cracked open at the entrance of Deji’s room. It was his uncle. He had a short gun directed towards Deji’s head. ‘I said you don’t walk out on me when I’m talking. Now drop those bags!’ Deji’s uncle said with a loud tone. Deji was frightened at his uncle’s actions. This was the first time his uncle would point a gun at him. Other times, he would use sticks or a metal iron. ‘Seriously, you point a gun at me. Alright then, I’ll drop my bags.’ Deji said as he gently dropped his bags.

Then Deji’s uncle said ‘Good, next time you don’t walk out on me. You show me respect. That’s how it’s done in the military. Don’t be as stupid as your father was.’ limping out of the room with the gun still in his hands. (Running towards his uncle) Deji took a plank he kept in his room and hit his uncle on the left leg which was already fractured. ‘Oooh my leg!’ Deji’s uncle screamed holding his leg to the ground with the gun falling out of his hands. (Angrily) Deji said ‘Now look who’s at my mercy. Never speak ill of my parents!’ as he tried to hit his uncle’s leg again coming close to his uncle. Deji’s uncle swept Deji’s feet off the ground with his right leg. It was a tussle between both of them as his uncle reached for his gun with Deji trying to stop him. ‘Pooh’ the gun was triggered. The gun was shot as someone slowly lay on his back holding his rib cage….[To Be Continued]

Watch out for the next episode of ‘The Orphan’ next tuesday only on Danny world. We bring you the total package.

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