‘Deji never did anything wrong.’ He actually helped me out in bringing you to the hospital when you were out cold.’ Bisi said boldly covering up for Deji. Bayo was not fully convinced with Bisi’s explanation as he kept wondering why Dotun’s friend would help him when he was part of the gang that put him in this state. Then Bayo said ‘Why do I have the feeling that you’re lying to me Bisi? How could Deji be helping me when he hates me? How is that even possible? Is there something you aren’t telling me?’ He kept asking Bisi in a loud tone. Bisi knew Bayo was buying her story and so she got defensive and replied ‘Why all these questions? I expected you to be happy and thank me for saving your life rather you are here raising your voice at me. So disappointed in you and maybe you shouldn’t have woken up! I’m leaving!’ she angrily left the ward.

Bayo knew he had lost his cool at that point on Bisi and regretted his actions. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I think I was too hard on her.’ He said to himself covering his face with his hands with a sigh. Just outside Bayo’s ward, Grandpa who had just bought Bayo’s meal saw Bisi walking out from the ward angrily. So he asked ‘Why are you angry my child?’ Then Bisi replied ‘Maybe you should talk to Bayo. I’m leaving.’ Grandpa was perplexed at Bisi’s actions ‘No…co…me back my…child.’ He said begging Bisi to come back but she left hurriedly. Grandpa wondering what had happened, walked into Bayo’s ward. ‘Ooh Grandpa you’re back. I’m so ravenous.’ Bayo said. Grandpa wasn’t happy with Bayo cause he knew he must have angered Bisi. ‘What did you do to Bisi? She left very angrily.’ Grandpa asked.

Then Bayo replied ‘I said somethings I shouldn’t have said to her that’s why she left. I feel bad about it already.’ Then Grandpa said ‘Maybe if you knew that girl donated her blood to save your life, you would have been on your knees thanking her.’ Bayo was shocked at the news he had just heard from his grandfather. ‘Whoa Whoa Whoa! You mean Bisi gave her blood for me???’ Bayo said with a big surprise on his face. ‘Yes she did.’ said Grandpa. Bayo broke down feeling so bad about how he treated her harshly. Bayo did not know Bisi only used that gesture to protect Deji’s secret so he kept beating himself up that he had just offended a friend. (Trying come down) ‘I’ll go after her. I need to apologize.’ Bayo said. ‘Nooo! Just rest for now. The doctors said you need to rest well to fully recover.’ Grandpa said putting Bayo back on his bed.

Back outside, Bisi met Deji just outside the gate who was chased out earlier by the nurse. ‘You didn’t tell him, did you?’ Deji asked Bisi curiously. ‘No, he doesn’t suspect anything so you can relax.’ Bisi replied. ‘Good, very good. I think you’re becoming great at lying.’ Deji said sarcastically. Bisi was angry at that statement as she never liked the idea of lying to Bayo but she did and became worried she might just be doing this for a long time to come. ‘You’re just a beast Deji! I hate you!’ Bisi yelled. ‘Yeah, call me the devil all you want but we’re in this s**t together.’ Deji replied with his tongue out. ‘I’m just so stressed out. I want to go home and take off this uniform. My mum must be worried about me right now.’ Bisi said. Deji agreed as they both walked to the bus stop to board a cab to take them home that morning.

Later that day, the doctors deemed it fit for Bayo to be discharged as his grandfather settled the hospital bills. So Grandpa got Bayo some fresh clothes from home. Grandpa was very happy about his son’s recovery as he thanked the doctors for doing a great job. Grandpa walked Bayo to the taxi waiting just outside the hospital. They both waved the doctors from inside the car as they drove past the hospital gate. Bayo was still not happy about the way he treated Bisi and couldn’t wait to see her again. ‘Don’t beat yourself up my child, it’s going to be fine. I’m sure you guys will iron things out.’ Grandpa said in the car. ‘It’s just that I feel guilty here about the whole thing. I just got so angry seeing my enemy and forgot about a friend.’ Bayo said out loud.

(Perplexed at Bayo’s statement) ‘Your enemy? Who is your enemy?’ Grandpa asked curiously. Bayo knew he had opened up a chapter he never wanted his grandfather to know about. Grandpa never knew Bayo was always being bullied in school by Dotun and his gang which Deji was a part of. Bayo paused for some seconds thinking of what to say to him. ‘It’s nothing grandpa, you don’t need to worry.’ Bayo said. ‘No, we certainly must talk about it. Who is your enemy? Have you been fighting in school?’ Grandpa asked. Bayo knew he was in trouble and telling grandpa about his troubles at school was only going to lead to him being withdrawn from that school by his grandfather. He couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing Bisi again.

Then Bayo said ‘Like you said, I need to rest to get back at my best again. Right now, my head aches.’ Trying to make grandpa forget about the whole issue. ‘Okay, I won’t insist any longer so you don’t get stressed out but we’ll talk about it some other time.’ Grandpa said calmly. Bayo knew his grandfather bought the act so there was a big sign of relief on his face as he almost got caught. Some minutes later, they arrived home and they got down from the car at their compound and went into the house. Bayo was happy to be back home. ‘Go freshen up son. It’s been a long week.’ Grandpa said. ‘Aye captain!’ Bayo complied and headed for the bathroom. Grandpa smiled and headed for the kitchen to prepare something nice for lunch.

Back at Bisi’s house, Bisi’s dad out of town as usual on a business trip. She was worried her mum might just not go easy on her. Deji had gone back to his uncle’s house. So she took a deep breath and opened the door to the house. When she got into the house, she didn’t see anyone in the living room. So she went into her mother’s bedroom. (She opened the door) ‘Mum!’ Bisi said entering her mother’s room. ‘Next time, you knock before entering into my room and where have you been since last night? I have been worried sick about you since yesterday.’ Her mum yelled. ‘I’m sorry mum. A friend of mine was in a coma in the hospital. It was late I couldn’t…’ Bisi paused stumbling on her words as she saw a man come out of her mum’s bathroom on boxers. It wasn’t her dad. It was Uncle Dele…[To Be Continued]

Watch out for the next episode of ‘The Orphan’ next tuesday only on Danny world.

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