Suddenly, silence enclosed the area as everyone kept wondering how a girl who is not even family could take such a risky decision. Then the doctor said ‘This is a very delicate decision my child. Are you sure you want to do this?’ and she replied ‘Yes I’m sure. Please let’s be quick with it so he doesn’t lose more blood.’ Bisi already had her mind made up. Grandpa was glad at Bisi’s kind gesture ‘My child, God bless you.’ he said. ‘Anything to save Bayo’s life grandpa.’ Bisi replied. So the doctor took Bisi to the laboratory to test for a blood match. Then Deji escorted grandpa back to his seat at the reception while the doctor tested Bisi’s blood for transfusion.

After an hour, it was about 9:10pm when the doctor came out from the laboratory with Bisi. In anxiety, Deji and grandpa ran to them hopeful for a good news from the doctor. ‘Thank God for the little girl. We have a match.’ the doctor said enthusiastically. Bisi was happy she had been able to do something good considering the casualties she had seen throughout the day. Grandpa immediately embraced Bisi so happily applauding her contribution to saving Bayo’s life. Deji was also pleased that Bisi’s blood was a match and that Bayo was going to live again. So the doctor summoned his nurses to assist in the blood transfusion and operation on Bayo. All these while, Bayo was a bit stable as the doctors had earlier stopped the bleeding. So everyone went back to their seats at the reception expectant of a miracle.

The sky was clouded in darkness, it was a really long night as everyone was extremely exhausted in anticipation of a good news. (Still in their uniform) Bisi laid her head on Deji’s shoulder. She was cold so grandpa gave her his jacket to keep warm. It’s been hours since the doctors left. Grandpa was beginning to get worried ‘Why is this taking much time?!’ he asked. ‘Let’s just be calm. I believe he’ll be fine sir.’ Deji replied. ‘It’s just that I’ve been in this situation before and the outcome wasn’t pleasant as I also lost Bayo’s father waiting for a goodnews from the doctors. So you can understand why I’m like this. I don’t want the same thing to happen to my grandson too because I wont be able to bear it.’ Grandpa said with tears in his eyes.

(With admiration for Grandpa’s strength) Bisi said ‘God is going to bring him out of this situation. This time I believe it’s going to be different sir.’ So the old man became a bit calm and kept praying in his heart that Bayo would come out of this. Then the doctor came out of Bayo’s ward to the reception. They all rushed to the doctor curious to know the state of Bayo’s health. Then the doctor said sternly, ‘ He lost a lot of blood. We’re very sorry…’ Grandpa couldn’t stand to hear that phrase for the second time in a year from the doctors. ‘Nooooo! Not Bayo! Nooooo! Not again!’ he screamed lamenting on the ground. Deji and Bisi became bitter about the news of the doctor. They couldn’t bear the thought of losing another person in just a day. The atmosphere had gone sour at this point.

‘I never said Bayo was dead. I wanted to say we’re very sorry for the time we took operating on him before I was cut short by grandpa’s cry. The time taken was worth while as Bayo is now in very stable condition. He just needs to rest well tonight and I’m sure by dawn you’ll be able to see him.’ the doctor said smiling. The state of the atmosphere shifted again as their reaction took a joyful turn. It was a relief at the end as their prayers had been answered. A day that was filled with darkness finally had a light at the end of the tunnel. Grandpa stood up and said to the doctor ‘Never you do that again. My heart is very fragile.’ and they smiled at each other. He hugged Deji and Bisi appreciating them for their consistent care they showed towards Bayo. ‘Oluwa Ose oo!’ Grandpa said in yoruba thanking God. ‘All is well that ends well’ Deji said to Bisi who still had a big secret to hide.

It was about 11:15pm that night. It was late for anyone to leave the hospital. So everyone decided to sleepover at the reception. Grandpa slept on the couch while Bisi and Deji slept on plastic chairs at the reception. At about 2:03am deep into the night, Deji woke up and looked around to see if the nurses on duty were in sight. The nurses were sleeping on duty. (Tapping Bisi gently and whispering) ‘Wake up Bisi. We’ve got to talk.’ Deji said. Bisi stretched and yawned as she followed Deji to the bathroom so they could talk as Deji had said earlier. Bisi was very tired making her feel really dizzy walking to the bathroom. ‘Deji, what did you want to talk about?’ Bisi asked.

‘Shhhh!’ Deji replied calmly so they wouldn’t wake the others. Then he held Bisi’s hands firmly and asked ‘Hope you haven’t told anyone about Dotun’s death?’ Bisi replied apprehensive ‘No oooo I haven’t.’ Then Deji said grabbing her hands even more firmly with a fierce look on his face ‘Never you tell a soul about Dotun’s death less you die like him!’ Bisi was frightened to her spine as she kept wondering what beast Deji had turned into. (Holding her neck firmly) ‘If anyone finds out that I killed Dotun, I will kill you too.’ Deji said threatening Bisi. (Hands off her neck) ‘pko! pko! pko!’ Bisi coughing after Deji took his hands off her neck. ‘Tonight, I saw how much you cared about Bayo. I’m sure you would also want him to stay alive wouldnt you?’ Deji asked. ‘Ye…ssss of…course.’ Bisi answered terrified.

‘Bayo never hears about this never!’ Deji whispered in her ears. Bisi frightened at Deji’s actions as she kept wondering how long she was going to keep this big secret to herself even to Bayo. She had never seen Deji in that mode before now and she thought to herself ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ she asked in her thoughts. She had seen how Deji killed Dotun and so killing her would be more easy to say the least. Deji had to threaten Bisi because he knew when Bayo gets to know he killed Dotun, he would be exposed and will certainly face jail time. So he didn’t want anyone to let his secret out. Then Bisi asked ‘How about Kola and Ayo? How sure are you they would keep their mouths shut?’ Then Deji replied turning his back behind Bisi with his hands on the bathroom exit door ‘I’ve got it all planned out…’ as he exited the bathroom heading for the reception.

At about 7:26am in the morning, Bayo slowly opened his eyes after hours of being unconscious. It was blur at first but the environment got clearer within some seconds and then he could see clearly again. ‘Oh my son, so nice to have you back.’ Grandpa said holding his hands excitedly. The doctors had finally allowed him to see his grandson. ‘Hmm…Grandpa, where are my? Why are drips on my hands?’ Bayo asked curious to know why he was in the hospital. Then Grandpa said ‘It’s alright son, you got unconscious after falling from a tree.’ Then Bayo asked trying to recall if he ever climbed a tree in his life ‘A tree? Where? How?’ Grandpa baffled at Bayo’s questions replied ‘You mean you don’t remember from a tree?’ Immediately, Deji knew the questions were getting too suspicious and his secret was going to be exposed and said ‘Grandpa, you know he just recovered from a coma. I don’t think we should bombard him with such questions.’

Suddenly, Bisi who sat down on a couch in the ward, stood up hurriedly and said ‘Grandpa, I think Bayo should have his breakfast now as he hasn’t eating for a day in a coma and he also needs to rest. Let’s not stress him up even more.’ So Grandpa complied ‘Ooh that’s true my child. I’ll go get him some food at the hospital canteen. Be right back.’ he said and left for the canteen. Bayo was smart enough to notice the awkwardness between Deji and Bisi. Now three of them were left alone. ‘What’s going on here? Why is Deji here? I never fell from a tree and you guys know that. Or is this Deji’s plan to cover for what him and his friends did to me?!’ Bayo asked furiously. But neither Deji nor Bisi responded as the room went cold all of a sudden. Bayo needed answers.

‘Or maybe I should just call the doctors to come drive Deji out of here. I don’t anything to do with Dotun. They all tried to kill me. Nurse! Nurse!’ Bayo screamed. Immediately, the nurse came and he shouted ‘Please take him out of here! I don’t want to see him!’ So the nurse said to Deji ‘Please leave as he has said.’ Deji tried to beg Bayo to listen to him but all to deaf ears. Bayo wasn’t ready to listen as the nurse escorted Deji out. All this time, Bisi haven’t said a word as she suddenly developed cold feets. ‘Bisi, I know you’re going to tell me the truth so please don’t lie to me I’m begging you. What really happened out there in the woods?!’ Bayo asked appealing to her conscience. Bisi was even under more pressure as she couldn’t lie to Bayo but she also couldn’t let him know Dotun was killed by Deji who had earlier threatened her. Her biggest secret was about to unfold…[To Be Continued]

Watch out for the next episode of ‘The Orphan’ next tuesday right here on Danny world.

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