Bayo was frightened at this point but stood his ground refusing to back down even as they edged closer. Typical Bayo, he was always bold even when the odds was against him. ‘Pwoah!’ Dotun had slapped Bayo in the face. Bayo raged as a lion attacked running his fist into Dotun’s right eye. It had turned into a street fight as they went against each other with everything they’ve got. It had turned into a brawl as the numbers game was against Bayo. ‘Pwoah! Pwoah! Pwoah!’ Dotun and his friends throwing punches and kicks at Bayo helpless on the ground. Ayo and Kola raised Bayo’s head up held his hands to the back as he was exposed to Dotun’s punches. (The punches kept going into Bayo’s bleeding face) ‘never you cross my path!’ Dotun kept saying.

Bayo slowly went face down to the ground. He was unconscious and couldn’t move a muscle bleeding all over. All these while, Bisi had been shouting crying for a stop to the beat down but all to no avail as no one could hear her because her hands and lips were taped. ‘Gbam!’ Dotun falls to the ground with blood gushing out from the back of his head shaking profusely. It was Deji (one of Dotun’s friends) who swinged a big stick to the back of Dotun’s head. Ayo and Kola stopped the brawl (shocked at Deji’s actions) ran to Dotun lying flat on the ground. (Tapping his shoulders and saying together) ‘Dotun, Dotun, please wake up!!!’ Touching his chest to feel his heart beat but Dotun’s heart beat had seemingly stopped. They both ran out in fear that someone had been killed. Dotun was dead.

At this point, Deji couldn’t also believe what he had done as he kept looking at Dotun’s body on the ground. Deji had never bought the idea that he was Dotun’s toy as he only obeyed his commands and tolerated his arrogance because he always paid his bills. Deji couldn’t bear that Bayo was going to die even after he just lost his father and so he had to do something about it. He quickly rushed to Bisi and loosened her up. (In shock) ‘What have you done???’ Deji replied ‘I just saved your friend. I know you’re frightened right now but we have to clean up this mess and take Bayo to the hospital.’ Bisi couldn’t believe her eyes. After much hesitation, she adhered to Deji’s instruction and joined him in an attempt to hide Dotun’s corpse in the woods.

So, they carried Dotun’s body deep into the woods and covered him in leaves and grasses. They hurriedly ran back to Bayo who was still unconscious unaware of what had happened. (Deji places his right ear on Bayo’s chest) ‘He’s still breathing. Let’s take him to the hospital quickly. He’s lost a lot of blood.’ Deji said hurriedly to Bisi. Bisi was still in shock that she had just witnessed a murder and even covered a murder. Her heart rate kept beating so fast she couldn’t control her actions anymore. ‘How would live with this guilt all my life?’ she asked aloud. Deji shouted ‘You didn’t kill him I did so let me take care of that. You better act fast unless you’re just going witness the second death in a day!’ Bisi tried to put herself together as she knew Bayo’s life was also on the line.

Then Deji tore a part of his school uniform and used it to try to stop the blood flow a bit. ‘Let’s get him out of this bush to the main road where we can get a taxi to the hospital.’ Bisi with tears in her eyes ‘Yes…Yes…Yes! We’ll do that.’ she said. Then they carried Bayo’s deadweight slowly as Bisi suddenly became a trippant. ‘You keep falling like you’ve suddenly grown jelly legs.’ Deji said to Bisi. (Jittery) She replied ‘I don’t think I can handle this. My conscience won’t let me Deji.’ Deji pacified a bit dropped Bayo on the ground and said ‘Come on, I know how you feel but we can’t afford to give up now unless Bayo will die. Time is not on our side here. Just try to put yourself together and after now, we can deal with your conscience. For now, don’t make it worse than it already is.’ he pleaded.

Finally, they had come to a consensus and Bisi toughened up as they carried Bayo through the woods into the main road. ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ Deji boarded a red taxi. ‘Where are you heading?’ the driver stopped and asked Deji. ‘Please sir, my friend is seriously injured and we need to get him to a hospital near by for treatment.’ Deji replied. (Compassionately) ‘Ahh get him into the car. I know a hospital not too far from here.’ driver answered hurriedly. So Deji and Bisi took Bayo into the car with the help of the driver and they drove off. While in the car, Bisi sat beside Bayo who was lying down while Deji sat in front with the driver. Then the driver asked ‘what happened to him?’ (Bisi’s heart rate beating very fast after she held that question) ‘He fell from the tree while we were trying to pluck mango fruits.’ Deji answered hurriedly. He had lied to the driver to avoid suspicions.

Bisi kept her mouth shut even though she knew Deji was lying. The driver replied ‘This is why I always tell my children not to climb trees!’ on top of his voice. After some minutes, they arrived at the Saint Peter’s Hospital. In a rush, they brought Bayo out from the car and took him into the hospital. ‘Please this is an emergency!’ Bisi told the nurses at the reception. So the nurses quickly brought out a stretcher and gently put Bayo on the stretcher heading for the emergency ward. The nurses asked ‘friends or family?’ then Bisi responded ‘he has no one except his grandfather who is not here!’ she said still following the nurses. ‘Then call him and head back to the reception!’ the nurses shouted as they backed the emergency door behind Bisi. Bisi headed back to the reception to take a breather. She was exhausted after all she had been through today. Deji had settled the driver with some change he had on him and headed back to the reception where Bisi was seated.

Back home, it was 6:15pm in the evening, grandpa was worried sick about the whereabouts of his grandson. Bayo’s school had closed since 2pm in the afternoon. ‘This is unlike Bayo. Where could he be at this time?’ grandpa asked out loud. So he decided to go to his school to check on him. Bayo had no friends so there was no way he could go look for him in a friend’s place. When he got to the school gate, everyone had left except the gateman Mr.Popoola. ‘ Good evening sir, please, do you by chance know where my son Bayo could be? It’s been hours since the school closed and he’s not home.’ grandpa asked the gateman. ‘Sorry sir but I don’t think I know your kid. There are so many kids in this school.’ Grandpa became extremely worried again as he kept pacing around wondering where Bayo could be at this time.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Anxiously, he picked the call. It was a call from the hospital. Apparently, Bisi found grandpa’s phone number in Bayo’s bag she was carrying all along. She found the number written in his mathematics textbook. Bayo always had that number in case of emergencies such as this. ‘Hello! Please who is on the line?’ grandpa asked. The nurse replied ‘Saint Peters’ hospital. Please sir, we need your urgent attention here. Your son Bayo is in the emergency ward.’ (Grandpa in shock) ‘Ok..ay…I will be there. I’m on my way.’ as he dropped the call. ‘Aye mi oo Bayo is in the hospital…Olorun sa nu mi.’ he said in yoruba. Immediately, he hurried and got a cab to drop him off at Saint Peters’ hospital. Grandpa kept panting in the car as he couldn’t phantom why Bayo would be in the hospital. After some minutes, they got to the hospital, grandpa paid the driver and rushed into the hospital.

When he got to the reception, he asked the nurse ‘where is my son?!’ she replied ‘Calm down sir, the doctors are attending to him. Thank God for those kids who brought him just in time.’ (The nurse pointed towards Bisi and Deji’s direction) ‘maybe you should thank them.’ the nurse said to grandpa. Then grandpa went to meet Bisi and Deji. Immediately, they prostrated before grandpa saying together ‘Ekale sir’ showing their respect to an elder. ‘My children, thank you for bringing Bayo here. What are your names?’ and they both told grandpa their names at intervals. Then he asked ‘What happened to Bayo? Why is he here?’ and both kids took a deep breath. Suddenly, Bisi answered just in time to stop Deji from lying again as he did to the driver. ‘Sir, we and Bayo always plucked mango fruits after school but today when Bayo climbed the tree to pluck fruits, his hands scattered a bee hive and a host of bees hovered round and he got stung. In the process, he lost his balance and fell hitting his head and body on branches on his way down. He sustained a lot injuries and was knocked out cold completely.’ Bisi said.

‘Jesu!’ grandpa exclaimed. Bisi had lied to grandpa to the relief of Deji who thought she was going to tell the truth. ‘Please we need a blood donor for the little boy. He’s lost a lot of blood.’ the doctor said. Grandpa rushed to the doctor and said ‘Doctor please take mine. You could take my life too but please don’t let him die.’ he pleaded on his knees. ‘Alright, let’s run a test on your blood to see if it’s a match.’ the doctor replied. So they both headed for the lab to run a test. Bisi was already agitated fearing the worst for Bayo at this point praying for a miracle. Deji was calm trying to pacify Bisi too who would not sit down anymore as she kept panting and pacing round the reception. After an hour, grandpa and the doctor came back to the reception. ‘His blood wasn’t a match. I’m sorry but we just might be losing the little boy if we don’t find a donor.’ the doctor said. ‘Take mine.’ Bisi said… [To Be Continued]

Watch out for the next episode next tuesday only on Danny world.

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